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Success Story

After completion of MBA in Finance from Goa Institute of management, I was working in an MNC in Hyderabad. Having worked in an MNC for a few years I decided to start my own business endeavor and therefore, I came back to Assam. I have known many international food brands and am fond of many, but being a foodie I aspired to start my own food entrepreneurial journey. That being the vision, without much ado I signed up for the no.1 brand of the Northeast, J14, the most popular regional brand which has the highest number of satisfied customers. My business took flight in Bongaigaon once I signed up with the sibling brand of J14, Kolkata Roll.

I am very happy with the franchiser and we keep in touch on a regular basis. The logistics need the organizational implementation of a whole team, which in this case is really efficiently managed and the team is very supportive. The sale has been a wonder since day 1 and what can be foreseen is an even better rise in the same. My solo endeavor would not have made it possible had it not been for the brand magnetism alone! Let’s join hands to make this brand a national brand.

- Pranjal Das